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US Army M1934 Pyramidal Tent

In good condition and ideal for reenacting.

The tent is 16 feet wide, 16 feet long and 11 feet high. Floor space is 256 square feet. Tent top, side walls and all reinforcements are made of identical olive-drab duck. Peak height is 12 feet 3 inches, while wall height is 4 feet 2 inches, giving a pitch of 8 feet 1 inch. There is 1 door, 28 inches wide, and 8 feet high. Ventilation is via the centre pole which has an adjustable hood.

Pyramidal Tent Elements:

1 X Hood, Tent, Olive-Drab, Pyramidal, M-1934 

6 X Lines, Tent, 13-Feet, 6-Inches, Sewed-One-End, ¼-Inch Diameter (Hood Line)

4 X Lines, Tent, 6-Feet, Sewed-Two-Ends, ¼-Inch Diameter (Lacing Line)

4 X Poles, Tent, Upright, 4-Feet, 9-Inches

24 X Lines, Tent, 10-Feet, w/Eye, 5/16-Inch Diameter (Eave Line)

28 X Pins, Tent, 24-Inches

28 X Lines, Tent, Foot Stop, ¼-Inch Diameter (Foot Stop)

6 X Lines, Tent, 2-Feet, 6-Inches, Sewed-Two-Ends, ¼-Inch Diameter (Door Fastener)

10 X Lines, Tent, 3-Feet, 4-Inches, Sewed-One-End, ¼-Inch Diameter (Door Fastener)

2 X Lines, Tent, 3-Feet, 4-Inches, Sewed-One-End, ¼”-Inch Diameter (Door Flap Line)

4 X Lines, Tent, 14-Feet, w/Eye, 5/16-Inch Diameter (Corner Line)

1 X Pole, Tent, Upright, 12-Feet, 3-Inches, Complete, Jointed

28 X Pins, Tent, 16-Inches

1 X Chain and Plate, Tent, Pyramidal, M-1934, 16 ½-Inches X 17-Inches

4 X Hooks, Tent End, Pyramidal, M-1934, 5/16-Inch

4 X Hooks, Tent, S, Pyramidal, M-1934, 5/16-Inch

28 X Slips, Tent, Wire


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