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Whenever real weapons are required on set an armourer must be in attendance with those weapons.  There is no way around this and it must be adhered to at all times, not only for the law but also for safety.  If an imitation firearm is required, an armourer is not needed. When an armourer is required on set with real weapons then the Victoria Police must be notified if the filming location is in a public space, the Public Notification Form (PNF) is normally filled in by the locations department. Please contact us for any armoury questions that you wish to have answered.  Below are the contact details for the Victoria Police Film and Television Office.


Gold Blank Ammunition

Blank ammunition is a very important tool for an armourer for many reasons. One of those reasons is in order for a weapon to function properly the ammunition must be spot on.

Flick Knives

Flick knife close up

Flick Knives are prohibited. They need an Amourer to attend if you would like to use them for your next production.


Hand gun requiring an amourer

The Victoria Police Film and Television Office is responsible for all film/production interaction and logistical support for the Australian Film Industry and is the first/main contact when seeking assistance from the Victoria Police

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Please contact us via email for all Armoury Enquiries

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