Pilot Badge Insignia

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Excellent Reproduction Pilot Badge Insignia cloth and silver bullion.  The Glider, Service and Liaison Pilot badges were qualification badges of the United States Army AirForce which were issued during the WWll.  The badges appeared as the standard USAAF Pilot Badge with one of the three letters centred on the badges shield.  Glider Pilot - issued to soldiers who completed training as pilots of the military gliders.  Service Pilot - Pilots on noncombat flights such as observation flights, tow target flights and in ferrying aircraft.  Liaison Pilot - Maintained a small liaison airplane for purposes ferrying officers, taking observers on observation missions, transporting critical material, first aid, aerial photography.  All badges measure 7 cm wings. stock #2396

F/O Tom Leaathem - This glider pilot made a successful landing at Normandy on D-Day and evaded capture behind German Lines for ten days, (Stacey) Courtesy More Silver Wings, Pinks & Greens, Jon A Maguire.

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